Best Styles/Streetwear to Kick of the Year

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Best Styles/Streetwear to Kick of the Year
Best Styles/Streetwear to Kick of the Year

While the youth-driven fashion and streetwear scene are still largely influenced by celebrity/influencer trends and viral social media aesthetics, it’s important to note that the scene are also taking inspirations from various subcultures and genres.

Emerged from the steadily growing interest in Y2K fashion, gorpcore, and muted techwear, the cargo pants craze is unlikely to die off this year. A great central piece in any streetwear fit, its utility focused, laid-back design brings the utilitarian outdoor aesthetic back to the streets. The cargo pants’ influence also extend beyond streetwear casuals by co-opting the often-ignored parachute pants.

Another Y2K streetwear essential that is making rounds in today’s streetwear scene are the maxi skirts. They are expected to take cues from techwear leaning more towards earth tones and utilitarian styling, while denim serves as a secondary direction that maxi skirts may take.

However, unconventional silhouettes, gorpcore aesthetics, earth tone color schemes, and muted techwear is just one side of the streetwear coin having silent streetwear at the other.

Classic loungewear, oxford shirts, knitwears and pullovers, chinos and trousers are just some of the basics of this subculture that aims to pull away from the often logomania-obsessed side of streetwear. Silent streetwear aims to bring quality and creativity at the forefront of streetwear rejecting the idea of logo-dictated standards of the scene.

The youth’s gorpcore-inclined and Y2K influenced stylings are also pairing their cargo pants, and muted techware with different iterations of pairs of Nike Air Max and adidas Oznovas and Ozrahs.

Meanwhile, the preppy, silent streetwear-inclined subculture is opting towards sleek classics such as the adidas Superstars, Stan Smiths, and Nike Air Force 1s.

Streetwear is here to stay. Ever evolving and innovating, it grows to be inclusive of different subcultures. It is the future of urban fashion. It neither isolates anyone nor does it limit creativity by putting us in labeled boxes. While keeping up with modern trends as a guide is one of its main principles, at its core streetwear is all about originality and expression.


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