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8 Shoe Year's Resolutions for 2018

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8 Shoe Year's Resolutions for 2018
8 Shoe Year's Resolutions for 2018

We’re halfway through the first month of 2018, which means you probably already completed your New Year’s resolutions list. Most of you might soon be committing to a new fitness regime, or perhaps a new diet, but here at urbanAthletics, we are more interested about your Shoe Year’s Resolutions. What better time to think about your sneaker game than the new year, right?


Check out our Top 8 Shoe Year’s Resolutions and we challenge you to pick your top 3 and commit to them this year.

1. Only cop what you rock

Collecting is cool but if you buy sneakers just to say you have them and know you'll never wear them, you might want to rethink your sneaker game decisions.


Asics Gel Kayano Trainer- P6,400.00

2. Expand your sneaker "comfort zone"

Don’t get stuck in a sneaker rut! Try out new styles and brands you won’t normally do. Changing up your sneaker style can totally have a huge effect on your entire wardrobe. If you’re an Air Max lover, maybe it's time for you to give the Gel Lyte a second look.

3. Clean out your closet

If those shoes haven’t seen the light of day for months on end, we encourage you to either toss them or donate them. This will also leave you with more room for new pairs.

4. Worry less about dirt

Creases, scruffs, coffee spills, whatever the damage, it’s all part of the journey you’ve taken with your pair. Stop worrying so much about getting your sneakers dirty! Remember, every crease or scruff holds a story.



Crep Cure- P1,045

5. Be better about cleaning your kicks

Worrying less about dirt is not an excuse to get lazy and put those sneakers you just wore back into closet without cleaning them up. Grab some sneaker cleaner (we recommend Clyde, Crep and Fly Society) and reclaim its glory.

6. Organize!

2018 is the year to be organized! Organize so that you don’t spend 20 minutes looking for a pair in the morning. You can either sort them by brand, by color and even by frequency of use. Knowing where the right pair is will totally save you time.


adidas Stan Smith - ₱4,995.00

7. Coordinate better with your over-all fashion

You don’t have to match every piece of your outfit to your sneakers, but putting a little more effort into your outfit can make your sneakers stand out even more. Maybe a pair of blue Stan Smith to put a pop of color to an all-black outfit?

8.Stop patronizing re-sellers

The only reason re-sellers exist is because someone is willing to overpay for a pair of sneakers. So shop smart this year!



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