3 Iconic Sneakers that Every Sneakerhead Must Have

3 Iconic Sneakers that Every Sneakerhead Must Have


Classic, iconic and relevant no matter what the current trends are, these must-cop iconic sneaker styles can withstand the fashion climate anytime and anywhere.


  1. adidas Stan Smith - Originally a tennis shoe but through the years have grown into a fashion sneaker, the adidas Stan Smith has stood the test of time and remains to be a blockbuster in the sneaker world. This pair is rocked by sneakerheads, rappers and fashionistas all over the world. Don’t be the last person to score this pair. 


  1. Nike Cortez Classic Leather – A sneaker that needs no further introduction, the Nike Cortez Classic Leather has years under its belt as the sneaker of choice among the most hardcore sneaker fans. Get it in the classic black colorway. You can never go wrong with these. Straight outta Compton.

  1. New Balance 300 - If you're looking for shoes that look good and feel good, then by all means grab the New Balance 300. This pair is the best pick if you want some wicked NB's in your rotation. Definitely the trump card of the New Balance stable.


A sure stand-out in your collection, these sneakers give not only value for your style, but also value for your money. Having been chosen by the people themselves, these pairs, without a doubt, are sure to make you look cool. Get them now at http://www.urbanathletics.com.ph  

 About urbanAthletics

 urbanAthletics is a street lifestyle store that offers a meticulous assortment of sports-inspired footwear and apparel from the most sought-after brands. In 2016, urbanAthletics was recognized as the Specialty Retailer of the Year by the Philippine Retailers Association. Established in 2009, it currently operates three stores in Metro Manila and an online store (www.urbanathletics.com.ph). urbanAthletics is part of the retail arm of Quorum Group of Companies. For more information on urbanAthletics, follow us in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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