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Sneaker Styles for the Summer

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Sneaker Styles for the Summer
Sneaker Styles for the Summer

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to update your sneaker closet to match the season. You no longer have to worry about your feet being trapped in sweaty shoes! This season’s sneaker essentials include a selection that will make you look and FEEL cool. Here are some stylish and equally comfortable shoes for summer you can and should get.

Athletic Shoes

Nike Men's Air Trainer 1 (P 7,395) P5,175

When it comes to ranking footwear in terms of comfort, running shoes are generally at the top of any list. There’s a HUGE selection of athletic sneakers available in the market right now.

The best thing about wearing athletic sneakers outside the gym and off the track is that they’re usually built with cushioning and amazing overall comfort. And since 90’s nostalgia is still in full effect, these sneakers are being given fashionable designs.

A great example of a trendy athletic sneaker that come to mind is the Nike Men's Air Trainer 1, a sneaker that revitalizes the original '87 design with updated materials that introduces a variety of textures and accents.

Lace-up Sneakers

New Balance 327 V2 P 6,995

The right pair of sneakers can take the edge off of your summer get-up. And during the summer, nothing beats a simple canvas/mesh lace-up sneakers. Because of its superior breathability, lace-up sneakers are often the go-to summer shoe.

Traditional canvas sneakers are on-point for the summer. White, cream, beige, and navy are the easiest colors to work with. Other than being an out-of-season style choice, dark colors absorb more heat compared to light colored designs. If you want to keep your feet as cool as they can be, avoid black, and stick to a more light or pastel color palette.

Slip-on Sneakers


Adidas Superstar Slip-On (P 4,800) P 2,840

Slip-ons, like lace-up sneakers, are a great option for sneaker wearers who want a shoe they can easily wear while keeping themselves cool. Ideally, slip-ons for the summer should be made with canvas. Another big plus about slip-ons is the fact that you can wear slip-ons without socks, with some no-shows, with shorts, and/or with jeans. Its versatile design will work wonders for your outfits.


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