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How to store your premium sneakers with KicksWrap

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How to store your premium sneakers with KicksWrap
How to store your premium sneakers with KicksWrap

If you have a one-of-a-kind sneaker that you want to preserve for as long as you can while prominently showcasing it at home, you might want to consider wrapping it. Simply put, wrapping is a process to prevent deterioration such as hydrolysis, oxidation, or even just the collection of dust. KicksWrap uses a special kind of film that, when done correctly, forms an almost airtight seal around your shoe. There’s also Kickswrap Premium, which has an additional layer of UV protection, allowing you to keep your shoe’s color as vibrant as possible.


To begin the process, you must start with a thorough, but not too harsh, cleaning of the shoe (preferably with the Kickswrap Foam Cleaner). For displaying your shoes, you may opt to keep the shoelaces on or off; ultimately, it depends on your personal preference. After cleaning, it’s now time to put one of the shoes inside the film. Making sure to line the opening of the film to make sure that the wrap itself is lined up correctly with the shoe. Next is to seal the film around 1-2 inches from the heel of the shoe using a sealer or, in the absence of a sealer, a hot knife or a spoon handle and use it as a makeshift sealer (make sure to be extra careful using this method). Once you’re sure that the film is sealed properly, the last step is to finally shrink the film using a heat gun or a hair dryer. Using a heat gun results in a more consistent and faster finish, while using a hair dryer leads to a more methodical but slower finish.

By creating an almost airtight seal around the shoe, you can mitigate the deterioration of your sneaker, thus effectively prolonging the lifespan of your kicks.


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