Fit Suggestions for the Work from Home Set-Up

Fit Suggestions for the Work from Home Set-Up

Fit Suggestions for the Work from Home Set-Up

In the aftermath of the Philippine government’s decision to place Metro Manila in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have decided to ask their employees to work from home in order to minimize contact with other people and prevent the virus from spreading.

In a work from home set-up, people still need to find a way to maintain a high level of productivity. One of the methods that can help people battle the onset of laziness is by dressing up.

Whether it’s because you’re a power dresser or you just love being stylish whether  indoors or outdoors, wearing great clothes can do amazing things for a person’s psyche. If you’re one of these people who FEEL good from LOOKING good, here are some clothes you can wear while working from home so you can stay fly even while you’re chilling at home.


In the world of Comfy Casual style, nothing beats hoodies and sweaters. They’re usually made of softer materials that make them snuggly (for the bros out there, YES, that’s why your girl steals all your hoodies). However, they can also be extremely stylish and presentable when needed.


If an AC isn’t readily available in your home and you can’t really wear pullover hoodies and sweaters without looking like you just got out of the gym, then wearing a stylish shirt is an equally excellent option. Forget about that old, raggedy pambahay you’ve worn for the last three years, step up and dress up.


Just because your co-workers won’t be able to see your whole fit (probably) doesn’t mean you won’t have to worry about it. Sure, lounging around in something comfortable like loose fitting, bacon-gartered shorts maybe alright but why ruin an amazing fit up top with that, right?



If you’re one of the special few people who just don’t feel right without wearing nice sneakers with a fire fit, then you can never go wrong with the basics. A pair that’s not too flashy but not exactly casual like slides.

In times like these, we often forget that it’s the little things that we do to take care of ourselves that push us through. And if getting off a great fit will help you stay productive, I hope that we were able to help you guys out.

So, what do you think of our WFH Fit suggestions? Have any of the pieces mentioned above piqued your interest? If they have and you’re interested in getting one for yourself, make sure you check out the urbanAthletics website.

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Stay safe, stay inside, and keep washing your hands everyone!



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