Back-to-School Style Guide

Back-to-School Style Guide

That start of a new school year is right around the corner, which means it’s high time you start shopping for all your school essentials. Whether it’s shopping for supplies or looking for textbooks; back-to-school shopping is far from being hassle-free.

It can especially be difficult for people who want to get a stylish new top or fresh sneakers. And shopping on a student’s budget is a real challenge. So, if you’re looking to give your closet an upgrade without breaking the bank, we’re here to help.

Below is a list of items we’ve got a list of things you’ll definitely want to put in your shopping list.

Nike Classic Cortez

Nike Classic Cortez (P 3,356)

Nostalgia is playing a huge part in influencing the modern fashion scene. It’s also had affected the way people rock sneakers. One of the biggest winners in this nostalgia movement is the Nike Classic Cortez.

The Nike Classic Cortez were originally released back in 1972. Introduced as running shoes, it features full length-EVA midsole that adds a layer of padding for comfort, and the signature herringbone pattern outsole which provides plenty of traction.

Its popularity died for a couple of decades until recently when hip hop icons like Kendrick Lamar made the shoe mainstream again.

The Nike Classic Cortez is an essential sneaker right now and it’s a must-have for a stylish look with a sensible price tag. Plus, it works with just about every outfit!


Adidas Men’s I-5923

adidas I-5923 (P 3,900)

If you’re the type of sneakerhead that’s looking for an updated look on classic designs, then you definitely have to cop the adidas I-5923.

The I-5923 takes inspiration from the classic '80s sneaker from adidas. It’s built lightweight materials and a breathable mesh upper with synthetic suede overlays. And of course, the biggest pro this shoe has to offer is comfort with its Boost cushion.

Whether you’re on your way to class or lounging around campus, these sneakers are a great investment because they’re built for everyday use.

Nike AF1 Backpack

 Nike Sportswear AF1 Backpack (P 3,595)

Back-to-school season is the best time to rock a brand new backpack. It’s extremely practical for holding the things we bring to school and/or work every day.

With this in mind, the Nike Sportswear AF1 Backpack is perfect for this purpose as it features a top-loading design and large main compartment for spacious storage. With shoulder straps that come with padded cushioning, you’ll definitely be able to carry all your gear comfortably and stylishly.

Skoop Tees

Skoop Season 6 Tees

You can’t complete your back-to-school ensemble without an awesome top, and there’s no better choice than Skoop tees.

Their selection of tees inspired by Japanese designs is a unique modern look that screams street fashion. These incredibly stylish tees also come with a reasonable price tag so you can get more than one shirt if you want!

If you want to cop any of the items mentioned above and/or if you want to check out urbanAthletics’ selection of sneakers and apparel, make sure you drop by our stores or shop online.

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