November 28, 2012


Urban Walker @ 3:53 pm
Supra Skate Legends Erik Ellington, Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson

The Supra Skate Legends rocking the night at urban Athletics

Real life can be found on the streets, where real people walk, talk, and go about their daily lives. While some may look at it simply as avenues towards a destination, other more frivolous minds see it as a canvas where they can express their art form.

Skaters look at the streets and they see lines, gaps, and drops that normal people overlook. Cruising on their skateboards and riding concrete waves, these guys take what society gives them and makes something radical out of it through flips, grabs, and grinds.

Lifestyle brand Supra Footwear and Apparel showed off some of that street swagger when they recently brought American Pro Skaters here in the Philippines. This once in a lifetime event was made possible through Supra’s partnership with premier action sports and lifestyle store Urban Athletics.

As part of the Supra Asian Tour, big name skaters found their way to our shores to spread the good word on their sport and lifestyle. The collaboration between these two trendsetting brands stemmed from the common ground they found in fashion, skate lifestyle and everything in between.

The local skating community was treated to this once in a lifetime “Meet and Drink” with skateboarding icons last November 10 at the Urban Athletics outlet in Greenbelt 3, Makati. The joint was packed with skaters and fans who met, hung out, and got autographs from the athletes themselves during a night of fun and free flowing beer by San Miguel Beer.

Supra Skate Legends Erik Ellington, Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson, Lizard King at urban Athletics

"The Toast" - Supra Skate Legends at urban Athletics

Among the skating stars included in the Asian Tour are Supra riders Stevie Williams, Erik Ellington, Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, Kevin Romar, Spencer Hamilton and Lizard King. These extreme athletes are all products of the streets and are living testaments to where creativity, hard work, and determination will take you.

“If you love to do it (skateboarding) and continue to progress, you will stick around. I don’t think those are secrets, but that’s what it’s been for me,” rider Erik Ellington was quoted saying. “Don’t let what anyone says get in the way of your dreams,” he added.

Erik Ellington at urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3

Erik Ellington at urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3

The winners of the Asia Tour 2012 Best Skate Video Contest presented by Supra and Urban Athletics were also announced during the event while Supra Footwear and Apparel also got the chance to launch some of their rider’s Supra kicks, the Supra Stevie Williams S1W and the Ellington signature shoes.

Considered by Transworld Skateboarding as one of the “30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time”, Stevie Williams has made a name for himself as a creative and aggressive rider who has influenced how the skating culture evolved to what it is today. Williams has earned a spot on several of the Tony Hawk video games that makes stepping into a pair of Supra Stevie Williams S1W feel like being one among the skating greats.

Already considered a veteran, rider Erik Ellington has made his way around the skating scene.  Ellington has been skating since 1990 and has evolved from being a rider to a full-fledged entrepreneur with his skateboard brand Deathwish. Ellington was a member of the first Supra Team way back 2005, which means his Ellington signature kicks, are a product of design evolution.

Both of these limited edition Supra sneaks are exclusively available in Urban Athletics, a hub where urban fashion and athleticism comes together. “This event is nothing short of awesome. Having these legendary skaters over here is huge for the local skating community and Urban Athletics is very proud to be a part of it,” says Urban Athletics Founder Toby Claudio. “What these guys bring to the table every time they get on their boards is the same with what Urban Athletics stands for, love for the urban lifestyle and passion for the streets and their sport,” he adds.

This collaboration between these professional skaters, skate apparel Supra, and local lifestyle brand Urban Athletics would certainly help the local skating scene progress and breed new talents that would take the sport to greater heights.

Urban Athletics is a member of the Quorum Group of Companies. To check out the event and see new products, visit, or be their fan on Facebook and Twitter.

For more details, updates, and events by Urban Athletics, call (632) 501-3274


July 24, 2012

Supra Footwear!

Urban Walker @ 4:16 pm

Get your Supra - Skytop Chili Red P6,990 @ urban athletics!Supra – Skytop Chili Red @ P6,990

Get your Supra - Skytop Yellowmicrofiber @P6790 at Urban Athletics!Supra – Skytop Yellowmicrofiber @P6790

Get your Supra - Stacks Whiteteal at urban Athletics!Supra – Stacks Whiteteal @ P3,990

get your Supra - Vaider Khaki Twill  at urban athletics! Supra – Vaider Khaki Twill @ P5490

Supra- Vaider Black Gold @ P5,990

Who’s wearing Supra?


Lamar Odom

Supra Riders


July 20, 2012

Vurs: Join the Revolution!

Urban Walker @ 3:53 pm

Get your Vurs shirt at urban Athletics

Vurs (Black)

Vurs (Black) – P999

Get your Vurs shirt at urban Athletics

Vurs (grey)

Vurs (grey) – P999

Get your Vurs shirt at urban Athletics!

Vurs (white)

Vurs (white) – P999

Get your Vurs Shirt at urban Athletics!

Vurs (no idol)

Vurs (no idol) – P999

Get your Vurs ballerbands at urban Athletics!

Vurs Ballerbands

Vurs Ballerbands – P100

Get your Vurs shirt at urban athletics!


*15% off each purchase helps fund MTV exit to educate the public about the dangers of human trafficking.

Get your vurs shirt at urban athletics!


VURS is exclusively available at urban Athletics, 2f of Greenbelt 3.

For reservations call the store at 501-3274. For online orders, kindly shoot us an e-mail at


July 12, 2012

Old-school hip-hop meets new school

Urban Walker @ 2:57 pm

Those looking for a poppin’ night certainly got their fill at the Pulse Saturdays: We Got D.I.B.S. event. On scene at the Urban Athletics Store in Greenbelt 3, Makati, the party certainly lived it up as everyone got a taste of D.I.B.S., Dropping Ill Beats/Brands Simultaneously.

Party with us at urban Athletics!


Already serving up its second edition, Pulse Saturdays: We Got D.I.B.S. brought together the dynamics of style and sound in an all -out craze as it launched brand-spankin’ new hits in both music and fashion. Event is powered by Team Strato and backed by its media partners Urban Myx, Magic 89.9, JACK TV, and Clavel magazine.

The crowd partied with the beat and overflowing beer, what made the event extra dope was the album launch of one Philippine’s purebred Hip Hop artist, MC Dash Calzado.

Early ‘90s as an artist and producer, MC Dash aka Mighty Joe Young finally busted his first solo album entitled Return of the Phunky Juan. MC Dash brought the house down with sick rhymes and droppin’ beats with a twist of pure Pinoy brown flavah.

Along with the music came the launch of new clothing collection VURS exclusively available only at Urban Athletics. Founded by partners Eric Villarama and Lamont Waters, Vital Urban Revolutionary Standards (VURS) is a socially conscious and inspirational clothing enterprise. Pieces of clothing at VURS are loaded with statements that inspire, whether poetic, lyrical, spiritual, biblical or simple quotes.

VURS also supports the awareness, rescue and restoration initiatives against human trafficking. By donating 15 percent of each purchased VURS merchandise, the group helps fund MTV EXIT Roadshows which educates the public about the horrors of human trafficking, how to protect their families and empower them to spread the word. This way, patrons and customers become real heroes by investing on the fight against this social injustice.

Also made available during the night were new releases from the much awaited brands like SUPRA, Empire x Fanboy clothing, The One and WIP caps.

SUPRA is recognized for its groundbreaking silhouettes, unique combination of materials, and dynamic color stories.

Empire x Fanboy kept their insane love for the NBA, basketball and everything sports, flowing with their new line of ultimate fan clothing. Their new collection puts the spotlight on no less than the 2012 Kings of the basketball world with their Miami Heat Championship shirts.

The One apparel by Kenjhons: Designed to promote limitless hip-hop lifestyle and culture, unity, and to spread awareness– that nothing is impossible if you believe.

WIP caps, known for their fab collection of lifestyle inspired high-quality fitted caps, pays homage to the Great One with their W Concords series. Inspired by His Airness’ Michael Jordan 11 Concord kicks, the line is designed with the same elegance, grace, and greatness in mind.

Get your WIP Cap W Concord at urban Athletics!

WIP Cap "W Concord"

The night was definitely bangin’ with Tyler and Suzy of Magic 89.9 calling the shots. Self-proclaimed Rap King of Q.C., J.O.L.O. aka J-Dot brought his A-game and kept the party up. While Muriel, Kenjohns, Thryo with Kat Alano, and R&B artist Quest had the crowd going with insane performances.

The crowd had a blast over free-flowing beer, beer-pong tournaments, and raffle draws with loads of prizes at stake. Everyone including celebrities like Will de Vaughn, Gab Valenciano, Colleen Garcia, Shirley Fuentes, Archie Alemania, and Cesca Litton bumped and grind to the killer beats of DJ Buzz. PBA cagers Jimmy Alapag and Kelly Williams also rocked the scene.

Urban Athletics’ Pulse Saturdays definitely locked down the most happening crowd with tight music and the hippest fashion. With Urban Athletics, you certainly got D.I.B.S.!

For more details, updates, and events by urbanAthletics, call (632) 501-3274. You can also visit the website, or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.


July 6, 2012

Pulse Saturdays’ We Got DIBS 2

Urban Walker @ 11:24 am
Party with us on July 7 at urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3!

Party with us!

Live up to the Pulse Saturdays hype!

The much anticipated album and brand launch event wherein mad rhythm and new stash rule one’s Saturday night is SOOO BACK! Party with the  Philippines’ pure-bred Hip-hop artist MC Dash Calzado as he launches his new album entitled “Return of the Phunky Juan”. J.O.L.O. a.k.a. D-Dot will also be bringing in some music from his newly launched album, “The One that Got Away”. Urban Athletics has also tapped the witty duo of none other than Magic 89.9 DJ’s Suzy & Tyler to further enliven the party scene.

For Pulse veterans (cause we know you just can’t help but keep on coming back) and newbies alike, you sure are not just going to experience great music, but you’ll also be among the lucky one to witness the unveiling of a new set of dope brands.

Among the lines to be unleashed is one of the hippest clothing collection, VURS – Vital Urban Revolutionary Streetwear. The brand promotes positivity with their design and good vibes with their style.  Alongside VURS, we will also plot up an exclusive sneak peak of the newest releases from EMPIRE x FANBOY NBA fan clothing wear, and the most sought after snapbacks from WIP Caps!

Adding more to the excitement are the Beer Pong tournament, Foosball, and the free flowing beer! We should also not discount the presence of PBA players Jimmy Alapag and Kelly Williams, and celebrities Kat Alano, KC Montero, Maxene Magalona, among other famous personalities in the event.

We think we left you with no other option but to BE THERE! See you at urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3. XD


June 27, 2012

Empire x Fanboy Shirts!

Urban Walker @ 4:18 pm

Get your Rajon Rondo shirt at urban Athletics

Rajon Rondo @ P699

Rajon Rondo @ P699

Get your Kevin Durant Shirt at urban Athletics

Kevin Durant @ P699

Kevin Durant @ P699

Get your Blake Griffin shirt at urban Athletics!

Blake Griffin @ P699

Blake Griffin @ P699

Get your Empire shirts at urban Athletics

Empire x Fanboy

For reservations, please call urban Athletics Greenbelt 3  (501-3275) or Toby’s Arena Shangrila (633-7014)

For online orders, shoot us an e-mail at


June 20, 2012

New Era Caps x NBA Allstars

Urban Walker @ 4:37 pm

Get these cool Los Angeles Clippers Cap and Los Angeles Lakers Cap  at urban athletics

Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant

Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant @ P2,195

Get your Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers cap at urban Athletics!

Derrick Rose and Los Angeles Lakers

Derrick Rose and Los Angeles Lakers, @ P2,195

Get your Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin cap at urban Athletics!

Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin

Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin, @2,195

Get your Lebron James and Chicago Bulls cap at urban Athletics!

Lebron James and Chicago Bulls

Lebron James and Chicago Bulls, @ P2,195

Get your Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard cap at urban Athletics!

Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard

Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard, @ P2,195

Get your Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul cap at urban Athletics

Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul

Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul, @ P2,195

Get your Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin cap at urban Athletics!

Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin

Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin, @ P2,195

Get your Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade cap at urban Athletics

Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade

Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade, @ P2,195

For reservations call uA at 501-3274.

For online orders e-mail us at


May 11, 2012

Zuriick Shoes on SALE until May 13, 2012!

Urban Walker @ 5:29 pm

Get the Zuriick Roland Raven at urban Athletics and Toby's Shangrila!

Zuriick Roland Raven

Zuriick Roland Raven now only @ P3,297.50 (originally P6,595)

Get the Zuriick Beata Yosemite at urban Athletics and Toby's Shangrila!Zuriick Beata Yosemite!

Zuriick Beata Yosemite

Zuriick Beata Yosemite now only @ P1,647.50 (originally P3,295)

Get the Zuriick Herrera Pyrite ACV (Women’s) from urban Athletics and Toby's Shangrila!

Zuriick Herrera Pyrite ACV (Women’s)

Zuriick Herrera Pyrite ACV (Women’s) now only @ P1997.50 (originally P3,995)

Get the Zuriick Alpha Beata Yosemite at urban Athletics and Toby's Shangrila!

Zuriick Alpha Beata Yosemite

Zuriick Alpha Beata Yosemite now only @ P1,647.50 (originally P3,295)

P3297.50. Old SRP=P6595

Radii Shoes on SALE until May 13, 2012!

Urban Walker @ 4:29 pm
Get the Radii Timeless Deluxe at urban Athletics and Toby's Arena Shangrila!

Radii Timeless Deluxe (White_Black)

Radii Timeless Deluxe (White_Black) now only @ P2,997 (originally @ P4,995)

Get the Radii Hampton Low (Gray Chambray) only at urban Athletics and Toby's Arena Shangrila!

Radii Hampton Low (Gray Chambray)

Radii Hampton Low (Gray Chambray) now only @ P2,577 (originally P4,295)

Get the Radii Hampton (Black Wax) only at urban Athletics and Toby's Arena Shangrila!

Radii Hampton (Black Wax)

Radii Hampton (Black Wax) now only @ P2,817 (originally P4,695)

Get the Radii Corporate (White_ Grey) only at urban Athletics and Toby's Arena Shangrila!

Radii Corporate (White_ Grey)

Radii Corporate (White_ Grey) now only @ P2,817 (originally P4,695)


April 30, 2012

Project Urban: Style Guide for the Hip Urban Fashionista

Urban Walker @ 11:45 am
Go to urban Athletics and be an Urban Fashionista1

Are you a hip Urban Fashionista?

Don’t lose your cool in the summer heat. Be on the young and breezy side as urbanAthletics brings to the stylish urbanista the hippest fashion finds ‘round the block.

Fusing attitude with style, urbanAthletics features sneakers, apparel, gear, and alternative accessories, and houses authentic sports and street wear brands like Radii Footwear, Manhattan Portage, Wipcaps alongside staples such as Converse, Vans, Puma, Nike 6.0, Adidas Originals, Volcom, Quicksilver, Billabong, and many more.

Dig on these tips for funky summer street wear and be the hippest kid this side of the planet.

Color vs black + white

Forget the dark shades this summer as color steals the scene now. The visuals are making a comeback as graphic tees become more and more the choice of the crowd, and urbanAthletics’ Tees offer no restrictions. The spontaneous PSP Collaboration Shirts, UA shirts, Empire X Fanboy Tees, and BNO Shirts available at urbanAthletics will surely put you on top of the street hit list.

Don’t nick the sneaks

Sneakers are the go-to footwear this summer, whether for clubbing, dinner dates, classy nights out, sporting it up, or just making a statement. All styles are available at Urban Athletics, where you can choose from awesome footwear brands like Dada, Adidas, Nike, DC, Palladium, and Vans.

The bling’s the thing

Your urban outfit won’t be the bomb without some bling. Smith Optics sunglasses, Timbre Gitara headphones, Wip Ochos, and Manila Run caps are just the thing to keep you buzzing on the fashion scene. You’d surely wear bling from urbanAthletics with pride.

Digging the dip

Summer ain’t complete without a dip in the pool or fun day at the beach. Sporty made-just-for-you swimwear will surely make your personal style the bomb on the sand ‘n surf scene. Choose from awesome brands like Roxy, DC, Oakley, Quicksilver, and Volcom.

Ride in style

Boarding in the hip summer urbanity is just the thing to get you at the top of the fab urban arena. Ride on UA skateboards garbed in cool standout prints fit for your awesome self.

Whatever your personal style, urbanAthletics is here to let you do the best with what you have. The store combines athleticism with urban fashion, mixing and matching sportswear and street wear through some of the hippest brands around. urbanAthletics is located at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Find urbanAthletic Corners in at Toby’s Arena outlets in Shangri-La, MOA & Abreeza Mall and Davao.

For more details, updates, and events call urban Athletics at (632) 501-3274. You can also visit the website, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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